Backstory Edit

Ryan was born on a planet of slavery, and one day he got so tired that he decided to steal a spaceship to fly out and killed anyone who tried to stop him. When he went out he kept joining organizations, but he always got too angry and went on a rampage which got him thrown out. After a while he joined a space swat team but when he got thrown out of that he sneaked out the weapons he had while he was working there, his minigun and riot shield. A few week after getting thrown out he decided to join the awesomenauts that he had heard of while on his jurney.

Utility Edit

Health: 200


Gender: Male

Movement: 7.5

Jump: A fast jump using rocket launcher that can reach up to most platforms

Auto attack & Skills Edit

Auto Attack: Minigun: a rapid fire, low accuracy, high velocity and deadly minigun that Ryan for some reason holds like a rocket launcher Edit


-When shooting the movement will get halved

-The shots spread randomly in 40 degrees like in Fps games while you hitfire

-Does 20% less damage to turrets

-When shooting the minigun slowly overheats and cools down in 4x the speed it overheats

Damage: 3

Attack Speed:780

Range: 8


Bling 1/2 [220]: +1 damage

Diamond bucket [190]: Bullets now bounces of surfaces

Titanium fridge 1/2 [140]: +15% slow for +0.2 seconds

Metal pizza 1/2 [160]: +10% accuracy

Scrap 1/2 [180]: -20% overheat speed and +cooldown speed

Robotic parts 1/3 [200]: +10 attack speed

Special Skill 1: Riot shield: Ryan puts up his unbreakable riot shield to defend himself and teammates from damage Edit


-Moves 2x slower while up

-50% less accuracy while up

-Does not destroy or take damage from things like: Yuris mines, Gnaws spit, Skrees sawblade ETC but pushes them away instead

-Piercing attacks like: Piercing shots, Clunks nuke, vinnies dive ETC does not damage Ryan while the riot shield is up but instead renders them useless if they touch it

Cooldown: 12

Height: 1

Duration: 4


Ballistic vest [170]: Gains a 50% damage reducing shield while up

Window brush [200]: Riot shield sends out a knockback pulse every 1 second -Knockback 0.8

Platinum 1/2 [230]: +1 duration

Paint 1/3 [150]: -15% accuracy penalty

Robe [210]: Makes Ryan an unstoppable force, he can't be pushed in any way while his riot shield is up, not by knockback not by meatblockingnot by anything

Soap: Ryan heals 20% of the damage absorbed by the riot shield

Special Skill 2: Rocket launcher: The six holes in the minigun turns into one big hole which shoots rockets instead of bullets, but for some reason he holds it like a minigun. Edit


-Instead of duration the rocket launcher uses ammo

Damage: 18

Attack Speed: 100

Range: 10

Explosion: 6

Cooldown: 15

Velocity: 7


Turtle shell 1/3 [190]: +1 explosion

Saw 1/2 [160]: +2 range

Boomstick 1/2 [130]: +2 damage

Grenade 1/2 [240] : +1 ammo

Rc helicopter [210]: Makes small flames fall off the rocket while traveling -DoT 4 -Attack speed 800

Lightsaber [240]: Deals 1.5 knockback and 0.5 knockback to self

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