MADE BY: PuddingskinMcGeeEdit

Back StoryEdit

Coming in from the hairy jungles of planet Ichcka is Flae Teresska, the universe's biggest little problem. Being a member of the Croinian species, she's a mean little monster with a big appitite for others. Living a relatively normal life, she was often shunned when she got into high-school because of her eating habits. So what was her resonse to those who didn't like her eating? To eat them, of course! Although her classmates were delicious, that quickly got her into a lot of trouble with the space-police. When they arrived at the scene of the crime though, they only a tiny little Croinian girl and not the big monster they were looking for. But this was their biggest mistake; Flae had gotten a taste, and now she was raged for more! She gobbled her way out of crowds of people, and took control of a space-limo after the driver was mysteriously consumed. With nowhere to go, and nothing but the clothes on her back and a huge appitite, she joined the Awesomenauts so that she could have an endless fill of enemies, and get payed for it too! Now, if only we could stop her from trying to eat her own team....

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Health: 120

Movement Mechanics: A little faster than Leon, a little slower than Froggy G. Has a fast excelleration but very little friction. Very slide-y. Very easy to push her when she's moving, very hard to push when she's standing still.

Size: Smaller than Leon, only slightly bigger than the Vinnie (portion of the) sprite.

Role: Harasser, brawler, supporter (how do I roles?)

Leech LifeEdit

Flae latches onto enemies with her sharp teeth and doesn't let go. She causes damage to them as she takes a num off of them and regains her own life. Has a cooldown of