Drakken was a regular dinosaur, just as they come and go. when the meteorite hit earth in 65,000,00 BC, drakkhen was the only dinosaur to escape earth, but to do so he had to sacrifice his life. when his pod finally unfroze, due to heat, on Ribbit IV in 3587, he became a commando in a jungle, using his fire power to earn the respect of the inhabiting animals. when he had finally earned the respect of the jungle, he witnessed an epic battle. afterwards, he decided to put his skills to the test, to hopefully be able to re-visit his cabin in the dinosaur mountains, and live peacefully.


Species: Dinosaur
Health: 150
Speed: 7.5
Jump: Normal jump
Role: Damage dealer

Auto Attack & SkillsEdit

Auto attack: Fire RoarEdit

Information: Drakkhen Spews a stream of fire which explodes on every other hit
Base damage: 6
Attack speed: 174
Size of AoE: 3.4
Range: 8.5


Pyromonicle- increases damage by 2 points

Special Skill 1: Gun-DownEdit

Information: Drakken pulls out a mortar & rapidly shoots mortar bombs (every half second) in the air which come down exploding in a area. with each hit, a score of guitar shreds happen.
Base damage: 20
Size of AoE: 5.3
Number of mortar bombs: 3
Cooldown: 5s


(None yet)

Special Skill 2: Mini VolcanoEdit

Information: Drakken summon a small volcano that block enemy attacks, if an enemy Jumps above it they get pulled in slightly, if they fall in they get repeatedly damaged untill the duration is over.
Base damage: 2
Attack speed: 193
Duration: 7s
Cooldown: 13s


(None yet)


"open valhalla's doors!:


"You're dead! and you're dead! and you're dead!"
"Rambo style!"
"Babooom! Rocket, to the moon"