By Tbluepikmin25


Species: Robot
Health: 130
Speed: 6.9
Role: Long-ranged, CC, Sniper

Robotic Wings/Jet-boostersEdit

With her heavy mechanical body she can't fly very well, instead she flaps her wing 13 times.
If you press the jump button after 13 jumps R.E.E dashes towards your cursor.
Range of dash: 4.8


Power Pills Turbo
Space Air Max
Solar Tree
Piggy Bank
Baby Kuri Mammoth

Auto attack & SkillsEdit

Auto Attack: Mini Gatling GunEdit

Info: Alpha rapidly fire long ranged bullets that do low damage
Base damage: 1
Attack speed: 357
Range: 13.5

Mini Gatling Gun upgrades:

Eel Syringe (1/2)
"For carrying lots of blood"

Increases range by 1.3

Robot Cheetah Hearts (1/1)
"Adds that extra speed to your guns"

Increases attack speed by 23

Bottle of Shuji juice (1/2)
"From ill Shujas"

Adds a DoT effect (3 damage over 3s)

Lucky Rubber Glove (1/3)

Adds a 10% chance for 2 extra damage

Medical bullets (1/2) Locked
""This will hurt, allot."

Increases damage by 1

Surgery for Dummies (1/1) Locked
"Who you calling dumb!?"

Every now & again you shoot a fast moving missile
Damage: 15
Attack speed: 30
Speed: 9
Range: 12.3B